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Report On International School Library Months At G.D. Goenka Worlds School Theme : BOOK SAFARI.
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Information is the heartbeat of meaningful learning in schools. Exponential growth, availability and access to information, particularly electronic information on Internet does not imply learning. At G.D.G.W.S. libraries we strive to create a learning environment that empowers students to connect with, engage with and utilize this information in meaningful and purposeful ways. Fundamental to this learning environment is the development of a school wide information service where learners have opportunities to access multiple sources and forms of information and the appropriate technologies to do so. We have developed strong library and information services which are essential to a learning program that values the cognitive, cultural, social, affective, technological and spiritual development of students in a globalized, multicultural and uncertain world. Librarians are actively engaged in the development of curriculum across all learning areas to ensure the integration of information skills, and a carefully planned library program that is implemented collectively and collaboratively. The school has three libraries for Primary Years Program (Nursery-5th Grade), Middle school and senior school segments. Libraries have an inviting set up with intranet based Wi-Fi facility.  Libraries are open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on week days and from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Students are welcome and are encouraged to come during break and lunch times. Lending and return of resources may be done by students anytime with class room teacher permission. Students may issue resources according to their grade levels. Up to grade II students may issue one book for a period of seven days. Grades III-VIII students may check out two books at one point of time for seven days which may be renewed for another week. Grade IX-XII students may issue 4 books at one time.

Library Program 2010-11
Notable Multimedia Resources

Other Resources:
Web 2.0  : http://gdgwsibdpwiki.pbworks.com

  • Newspaper Clippings: Organized alphabetically.
  • IB Extended Essays: Hard copies of previous year Essays available on request.
  • Question papers of past years: Hard copies are available for short term issue for IGCSE and IBDP.
  • Intranet based Wi-Fi Facility available in the library.
  • CD-ROM Search
  • OPAC
  • Resource suggestion forms
  • Suggestion Book
  • Visitor’s Register