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A unique sports and fitnes programme

We are extremely happy to share with you that the school has introduced– LeapStart - the quality Sport and Fitness program that is being offered to the students from Nursery to Grade 6 as a part of the curriculum this year. Based on the age and class, LeapStart is divided into five programs. Each of these programs is custom made for our students but more importantly, they encourage the student to fully embrace sport and fitness right from the word go!


LeapStart is a quality sports and fitness education program that has been recognised as an “Exemplary Program” of the US Dept. of Education. Research has shown that students who participate in at least three, 30 minute LeapStart classes, each week do better than others on standardised academic scores. LeapStart is a unique program designed with activities that are inclusive, highly active, integrate academia and wellness concepts and are fun for all students. Additionally , instructional units are designed to develop student’s motor, cognitive and social skills.

In this new “Sport and Fitness” programme , each student participates actively in the drills All students will have many opportunities to practise and participate in high levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity. The programme uses high-quality equipment, highly trained Sports and fitness specialists along with our regular PE staff .In addition, Leap Start helps provide early indicators to you as a parent, that helps identify the sport each child is likely to excel in. The curriculum has been created by child development and sports specialists and has been refined over the last 20 years.

The advantage of evidence-based Sport and Fitness Programs

The programme incorporates activities that are more inclusive, active and fun than the traditional programs. With over 20 years of solid research and backing from across the globe, LeapStart is undoubtedly one of the best sport and fitness programs in the world .With LeapStart, we aim to redefine sports and fitness teaching by making it more structured and pedagogical. This means, the Program is treated just like any other subject at school – to be informative, fun and inclusive. Every program is structured into four components, just like the subjects taught in school. These are:

  • Standards that the teaching is based on
  • Curriculum that conforms to those standards
  • Assessments to see if students have achieved those standards
  • Reporting to parents and other stakeholders

The LeapStart programs are being held during the regular PE classes as conducted by the school.

For further information on LeapStart please do not hesitate to either contact the PYP Coordinator or Mr. Ajay Shekhawat –(HOD Sport).