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Report On International School Library Months At G.D. Goenka Worlds School Theme : BOOK SAFARI.
GD Goenka World School Presents:”The Goenkan Montage”
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The serene balmy evening of February 21,2012 was an evening to remember as we embarked on a yet another chapter
in the Goenkan history—“The Goenkan Montage”-The Annual Goenkan Event.
The young Goenkans presented a rich and vibrant tapestry of talent,an extraordinary extravaganza of dance,music and drama that mesmerized the audience.

The event was graced by Mrs Renu Goenka,Vice Chairperson,G D Goenka Schools,Mr. Nipun Goenka,Managing Director,G D Goenka Group,Dr Kashi R Balachandran and His Excellency Sami Al Suleiman,the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to India.

The School Band’s performance of “The Phantom of the Opera”,followed by the school Annual report by the Principal and head of school,Mrs Neeta Bali acquainting the parents with a vast array of achievements of the young Goenkans,the choir group’s foot tapping song performance,"Lean on Me”,the Nimble Feet’s soulful rendition in UV lights,”Maya-The Magic of Black” and above all the enactment of Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” left the audience spellbound.