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Report On International School Library Months At G.D. Goenka Worlds School Theme : BOOK SAFARI.
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The GDGWS strongly believes that Technology promotes active learning; allows teachers to share information efficiently & facilitate timely communication between students, staff, parents & faculty. The State-of-the-art hardware & software has lead to a seamlessly high quality integrated Institute. Unique features include:


  • Fully Wired & Wireless Networked Campus
  • Internet Leased Line with Unified Threat Management System
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • IP based Audio & Video Control System
  • Portal to facilitate seamless flow of information & effective communication
  • Hi-end Voice Communication Server for inter & intra phone facility
  • State-of-the-art Video & Audio Conferencing Facility for communiqué
  • Fire detection, alarm and fighting system capable of handling any fire hazard
  • CCTV surveillance system for monitoring & event recording
  • Door Access Control System for authorised entries

Campus-Wide Network : The network at GDGWS is built on a fibre backbone providing end-to-end gigabit speed. Combination of Core, Distribution & Edge switches with 50% redundancy built into the system of network caters to around 2000 data & voice interchangeable ports, covering all teaching learning centers, lecture theatres, class rooms, labs, resource centre, student hostels, admin rooms, executive and faculty housing. The secured wireless LAN enables connectivity to the Institute’s resources & web world through the laptops anywhere & anytime on the campus.

Internet Connectivity : Dedicated last mile fibre connectivity provides high speed uninterrupted internet connectivity. The bandwidth being sourced from multiple sources with multiple connectivity path to ensure high uptime. The E-mail system allows users to access mails from both inside & outside the campus.

Smart Classrooms : Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities which includes projection system backed up with audio paraphernalia to assist presentations & interactive sessions.

Nerve Centre : A central control room to cater & monitor the entire technology infrastructure on the campus. It houses the high end RAID- configured servers to cater online global exchange of knowledge & ideas and database management. A networked storage area of more than 8 TB provides enough space for application software, data storage & audio video library.

Combination of leading IP based control processors, AV matrix switchers & touch panel provides narrowcasting, paging, lighting control & BGM facilities in an exceptionally versatile manner where every classroom works as an independent zone in itself.

Fire Alarm, Detection & fighting system backed up with CCTV surveillance & door access control system provides a safe & secured environment.

Resource Centre: LMS controlled automated library has huge collection of print media, audio video assortment, e-journals & books. 24x7 online facility for information exchange and powerful search engine helps students, staff & faculty leverage their knowledge on fly.