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Report On International School Library Months At G.D. Goenka Worlds School Theme : BOOK SAFARI.
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Shakespeare rightly said that the man who has no music in him is a pretty dismal specimen. Our multi-purpose hall has video screens, movable stage and digital lighting and sound systems for cinema shows and large scale theatre and musical events. The range of activities includes:


  • Mountaineering and rock climbing
  • River rafting and snorkeling
  • Paragliding
  • Visual arts and design technology
  • Electronics and robotics
  • Public speaking and debating.
  • Theatre
  • Individual instrumental tuition
  • Choral, vocal and instrumental ensembles
  • Computerised music composition
  • Dance
  • HAM radio
  • Making TV programmes in our on campus studio

The most memorable learning experiences often take place are off the campus. GDGWS students have the opportunity to be involved in trips to places of industrial, scientific, historical and architectural sites both in India and abroad. Professionally supervised expeditions include mountaineering, rock-climbing, paragliding, river rafting, scuba-diving and snorkeling with due regard to the Safety and welfare of the children.