Students from our school participated in the WORDZ MUN 2008, held at Chandigarh from 6th – 8th October 2008, and won a number of awards in various categories. The WORDZMUN ‘ 08 is a simulation of the United Nations where students role play as delegates of different countries and debate on issues of global significance.

Approximately 200 students from 28 schools represented 60 countries in the MUN.

The students participating from our school were:

  1. KANAK BOSE Representing Switzerland
  2. ARJUN REKHI Representing Turkey
  3. KARTAVYA A SHARMA Representing Turkey
  4. DEVESH LALWANI Representing Poland
  5. VIDUR ARORA Representing Poland
  6. ARMAAN RAI Representing Sri Lanka
  7. RUDRANEEL ROY in the role of a Rapporteu

Issues Discussed by student diplomats:

1. General Assembly
(i)Prevention Of An Outer Space Arms Race
(ii)Nuclear Waste Management
2. E.C.O.S.O.C
(i)Strengthening Women’s And Children’s Rights
(ii)Co-Ordination Of Humanitarian Resources

3.Security Council
(i)Situation In Myanmar
(ii)Unrest In Darfur
The school team won the following awards :
1.Best Position Paper
a.Kanak Bose
b.Kartavya Anthwal Sharma
2.Best Delegation – POLAND, Represented by
a.Vidur Arora
b.Devesh Lalwani
3.Commendation Best Delegate
a.Kanak Bose (Switzerland)
b.Vidur Arora (Poland)
c.Armaan Rai (Sri Lanka)
4.Selected in Executive Board as Rapporteur – Rudraneel Roy